From 2017 to 2020, LearnD was an edu-tech startup dedicated to creating products to help improve the state of education in Malta.



LearnD was created by Matthew Attard, Luke Collins and Jake Xuereb under the supervision of Dr. Jean Paul Ebejer out of frustration with how private education worked in Malta. All of them University or high school students at the time, they applied for and successfully won a the 2018 Take Off Seed-Fund award.

Threls and Design Team

With this seed money, the team developed a prototype collaborating with designers Neil Grech and Jacob Saliba, software house Threls and Switch Digital.

Soft Launch

This prototype was soft launched during the 2018 Fresher’s week and presented at that year’s Malta Innovation Summit winning the people’s choice award. This being said, the product was far from what it needed to be to meet the market’s demand and the team sought external funding.

Konnekt Team

After a year of searching, Konnekt Ltd. and entrepreneur Josef Said invested in LearnD.

Product Launch

After 2 months of operation with the new product LearnD stopped operations due to economic pressure incited by the COVID-19 pandemic and other reasons.

Where We Are Now

Today, Konnekt have focused their investments in the field of recruitment and Jake Xuereb and Luke Collins have taken a pause from business endeavours to focus on their academic and research endeavours.

We still believe in the vision that LearnD pursued and know that Malta is not well served when it comes to education. If you’d like to do something about that or you’re interested in our assets, feel free to reach out to us.

Lastly, if you’re a STEM student thinking about doing a start-up, just do it. Nothing will teach you more about leadership, grit, tenacity and entrepreneurship than having skin in the game.